Creating Communities Where All People are Acknowledged, Respected & Loved

Blue Ribbon - Who I Am Makes A Difference

OUR GOAL is to have ONE BILLION People honored with a Blue Ribbon by the year 2020.

A tipping point for positive social change…..


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In 1980, our Who I Am Makes A Difference® Blue Ribbon Ceremony was created to help people express their appreciation, respect and love for their children, parents, teachers, friends, neighbors—everyone! Over the years, this heartfelt ceremony has impacted over 35 million people worldwide and has been translated into 11 languages — saving lives, eradicating bullying, and making dreams come true in the home, school and workplace.

Our Blue Ribbon Community Building Leadership Trainings sprang out of a demand from schools, families and corporations to provide programs that would create healthy, happy and prosperous environments for all people. We are honored to have met and exceeded this demand.

Happy KidsEnd bullying and teen suicide

  • 2 out of 3 teens are bullied each year.
  • Teen suicides have risen 400% in the past 30 years.
“This program should be used by all educators in their efforts to ready students for a life in society. It gives kids pride, purpose, and the ability to overrun negativism and transform the world.”
-Steve Ahle, Distinguished Principal of the Year for the State of CaliforniaEducators, Principals and Mental Health Professionals have declared…
“You have THE CURE to eradicate bullying.”
US Cellular declared…
Your ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference’ program won our 4th quarter President’s Award because it exemplifies our core principle…Respect Each Individual.”

What We Do

  • Eradicate bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Avert adolescent suicide
  • Inspire appreciation, respect, and love
  • Advance academic excellence
  • Promote community service
  • Help people make their dreams come true