Standing Strong Together™ – One Year Training

Community Building Leadership Training – Teaching Humanity How to Love

One Year Certification – Years 2012-2013


5-Week Ambassador Certification

“Standing Strong Together”™ 5-Star Basic Training

Training Curriculum:

  1. Acknowledge Worth of Self
  2. Acknowledge Worth of Others
  3. Express Emotions with Dignity
  4. Cheer People on for their Dreams
  5. Make a Difference Where You Live, Work, and Learn



An ambassador is a graduate of our 5-Week “Standing Strong Together”™(SST) Community Building Leadership Training…Teaching Humanity How to Love. Graduates are certified to teach a 30-50 minute hands-on training for kids, teens, teachers, parents, schools, businesses and/or organizations.



It is different for each person who takes the training. A graduate can serve their community in a number of ways:

Service                                                                  Be a “Difference Makers™ Ambassador”:

  • Acknowledge Individuals
  • Purchase Blue Ribbons
  • Honor people with  “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbons
  • Share Your Stories – Blog, Tweet, Facebook page updates, website, publish Blue Ribbon Stories
  • Give people an experience of the Power of Acknowledgement

Enrollment                                                         Lead Home Gathering-1 hr. training to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Introduce SST training
  • Enroll participants in SST training
  • Attract sponsorship $$$ to fund your programs
  • Earn affiliate commissions


Business:                                                             Certified to teach entire 5-Week SST Training

  • Participants:  Kids, Teens, Adults
    • Deliver training to kids, teens, teachers, parents, schools, businesses and/or organizations
    • Fees earned depend on your community and whatever you feel comfortable charging

One-Year Certification

“Standing Strong Together”™ 5-Star Advanced Training

*Program is by DMI invitation ONLY!  Participants must be pre-approved to participant in this training.*

Teach people how to make their dreams come true!

Training Curriculum:

  1. The Visionary Dreamer – Define Your Passion and Purpose
  2. The Learner & Listener – Gain  Clarity and Focus
  3. The Story Teller – Conceive, Articulate, Build
  4. The Leader – Attract Support, Resources, Sponsors and Customers
  5. The Legacy – Duplicate Courage, Daring, Gratitude and Spiritual Evolution

Upon Completion of the One-Year Program – Certified Trainer(s) receive:

  • Certificate of certification.
  • Opportunity to purchase DMI training products and tools through the Affiliate Discount Program.
  • Bio and Picture on DMI website.
  • Participant in monthly conference calls.
  •  Receive updates of new training products, programs and tools.
  • On-going support to answer all your questions.
  • Social media support that connects your work to the world.


Training dates/time:

To be decided


Potential Beginning Training date:

To be decided


To Maintain Certification:

Take part in monthly DMI Certified Trainers (CT) around the world to learn, grow, and discover ways to implement programs in your community, country and world.  CT’s share their successes and learn from each other.