Standing Strong Together™ – Five Week Ambassador Training

Community Building Leadership Training…Teaching Humanity How to Love


5 week On-line Skype training

Section 1

The Basic Foundation – Acknowledge Worth of Self  
2 hr

  • Provide overview Vision, Mission, Goals
  • Share Woman’s Journey to Bring Love to the World
  • Participate in exercises:  Getting to know each other
  • Review 5-Star Foundation
  • View “Blue Ribbon Movie”
  • Experience hands-on processes that:
    • Connect people heart-to-heart
    • Ignite the human spirit
    • Bridge the gap between people of all ages
  • Receive “Soul Work” to prepare for Section 2


Section 2

Acknowledge the Worth of Others
2 hr

  • Participate in process to share “Soul Work”
  • Review the “10 – Step Blue Ribbon Ceremony”™
  • Experience exercise to “Toot Your Own Horn”
  • Learn 15 second, 30 second and 3 minute exercises that
    • Deepen your experience of connecting heart-to-heart and igniting the human spirit
  • Practice the 10-Step Blue Ribbon Ceremony


Section 3

Communicate with Compassion, Acknowledgement, and Love
2 hr

  • Step into the World of Possibilities – Kinesiology
  • Step into the Soul of Humanity – What works for all
  • Practice 5-Steps to Compassionate Listening
  • Practice Conflict Resolution
  • Receive “Communication Soul Work”


Section 4

Empower and Support Dreams
2 hr

  • Learn how to go from where you are to where you want to be
  • Exercise:  Dreaming and Succeeding
    • Practice Dream Listening
    • Practice Dream Planning
  • Create a Team to Empower Your Dream


Section 5

Make a Difference Where You Live, Work, and Learn
2 hr

  • Learn how to teach a Community Building Training
    • Receive: Outlines to teach
      • Youth and adults
    • Receive: Blue Ribbon Guidebook
    • Practice: Teaching
  • Review Blue Ribbon Gestures
  • Review Sparky’s Blue Ribbon Message
  • Teach Blue Ribbon Champion Song
  • Practice Ribbon Champion Song
  • Closing the Curriculum
  • Write Your Experience of Training
  • Share Your Experience
  • Set a date to teach



Review, Practice, Support

  • Take part in monthly conference calls with graduates
  • Learn and discover ways to teach, train and create community involvement
  • Discuss breakdowns and breakthroughs
  • Ask questions
  • Gain support