Bully No More!

Giving Youth a Voice for Change

  • Eradicate bullying and cyber-bullying
  • Avert adolescent suicide
  • Inspire Appreciation, Respect and Love
  • Ignite Passion, Purpose and Productivity
  • Make a Difference in the home, school and community

Developed Natural Leaders—We’re Not “Just Kids”

Washington Middle School Teachers – Vista, CA.

“The more they honored others, the more they realized that they made a difference. Kids were effectively able to take the program into their homes.  They even discovered how hard it is to be a teacher and told me how much they appreciated my efforts. They realized that they were “Not Just Kids” but people who could make important changes in their school, home and community.”

Beth Kant – 6th grade teacher – Washington Middle School, Vista – I’M A HARD SELL

“I’m a hard sell.  As teachers we hear about a lot of programs that are the greatest at raising self-esteem and reducing bullying.  But this program surprised me.  It got to me and I got to our kids.  And the program is lasting.  Seven months after this program was delivered to my students, I interviewed them to see if they remembered it.  Overwhelmingly they said YES.”


Endorsed by:

  • San Diego City Council proclaimed Difference Makers Day – April 1
  • San Diego Board of Education
  • San Diego County Office of Education


Doug Luffborough, Member of the Chula Vista Elementary School Board

“Bully prevention is paramount to student safety and success at theChula VistaElementarySchool District. Difference Makers International’s Bully Prevention Program addresses this need. It is the only program of its kind where the bully publically apologizes to its victims. What makes the project so powerful is that the entire student body models positive behavior and accountability for their actions.”


Dr. Dave Cowles, Superintendent Vista Unified School Board

“The Vista Unified School District Board of Trustees and administrators, seeing the powerful impact the Blue Ribbon Community Building program has had on our children and community, unanimously supports this program for every school in our district.”


Steve Ahle, Distinguished Principal of the Year for the State of California
“The Blue Ribbon Community Building Program should be used by all educators in their efforts to ready students for a life in society. It gives kids pride, purpose and the ability to overrun negativism and transform the world.”


Carol Barry, Principal Pacific Beach Middle School
“Initially I thought that this program would not work. I could not have been more wrong. The Blue Ribbon program created a powerful and positive environment for students, teachers, parents and the entire community.”


Nancy Blackwell, Teacher of the Year – Escondido Union High School
“We talk about academic superstars and academic dropouts, but we’ve forgotten about the human being. Acknowledging kids is huge! I use the Blue Ribbon Community System and endorse it for every school in our nation.”


Sarah Sheppard, Teacher of the Year – Pacific Beach Middle School

“I’ve seen a lot of programs over the years, but I’ve never seen this much emotion among kids, in such a short time. The students were deeply touched and knew that they had a chance to eradicate bullying in their school.”