Our Impact – Blue Ribbon Stories

DMI logo“As we rounded the corner and exited the restricted zone, thousands of people lined the street.  It was incredibly quiet.  As we tiredly and slowly walked forward the crowd became alive.  People were clapping, yelling and waving flags and signs.  I turned around; hoping to see a convoy of people and vehicles but the street was practically empty.  The two of us continued our walk without a word spoken, realizing that the thousands of people gathered were here to show their support and unity to everyone that was working at the site – us included. As we continued forward, a young girl broke from the crowd and ran forward.  She hugged both of us and handed each of us a Blue Ribbon. On the ribbon was inscribed, ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference.’ These are words I live by to this day.”
– Fire Chief John Cunningham & Fire Fighter Dominick Briganti Jr.
– 9/11 First Responders

On January 30, 2012, Jo Jo Cousino – Barstow, CA., leader of a youth group and graduate of our “Standing Strong Together” Community Building Leadership Training…Teaching Humanity How to Love presented “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbons to 42 US congress people, senators and dignitaries, including Col. Dan Ermer.  She honored them for helping her with her youth anti-bullying movement.  After being honored, Col.Dan Ermer Commander Marine Corp Logistics –  Base Barstow immediately declared, “I want every returning soldier to be welcomed home with a “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon.

“I have taken every corporate and military program possible and nothing compares to what I have learned in ‘Standing Strong Together’. This training is like lightning in a bottle—a place where all the programs I’ve ever taken cross paths. It’s amazing to me.”

 David Ball – Manager Boeing Aircraft

“In a culture that seems to be cultivating disrespect among people, the “Who I Am Makes A Difference” Blue Ribbon Campaign reminds us that each person is an unrepeatable miracle and gives us the permission and the opportunity to acknowledge the unique and invaluable contributions we make to this world.  We have implemented this program into our program for the last five years—because it works!”
San Jose Police Dept. Suzan Stauffer, Coordinator SAVE